Recent Maintenance issues

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Recent Maintenance issues

Post by Tobias » Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:42 pm

Hiya everyone, we just wanted to clear up some misinformation going around about the recent times that Metropolis hasn't come back up after maintenance.

Metropolis is monitored by a program (or Daemon) that checks to make sure it's up and if it isn't, it'll bring it back up. Every night, the daemon shuts Metropolis down, backs it up and brings it back online. When it comes online, a bunch of checks and tests are run to make sure there aren't any issues before starting the world. These checks include things like checking the object database, the region database, the user database, etc.

Sometimes, the daemon gets stuck doing startup checks on the world. It doesn't know how to handle this when it gets stuck and it will sit there until Tobias manually intervenes.

The object database is the master database that holds everything and when you start the world, it will grab certain data and create a database for that data each session. In the context of this particular maintenance issue, it is choking on the account database check. It examines the object database, isolates all of the account class items and builds a database up of all this information. It also searches for instances of duplicate accounts and handles that appropriately.

Just to reiterate, this has nothing to do with the new client as it's entirely seperate.

Thank you for your patience and we're working on a fix for this so it's no longer an issue.

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